Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen was invited by Ronnie Campbell of Jarlsberg cheese to create a customized grilled cheese sandwich for the 2nd Annual Hot Sauce Expo.  After brainstorming, trial and error, and lots of delicious taste-testing, we came up with a winning combination and our newest MDK sandwich– “spicy onion jam grilled cheese”. You’ll need a good kitchen shear to slice them in half go here to find more.

We caramelized onions, added some molasses, and put some spice in it to take the grilled cheese to the next level.


1.  Grilled cheese sandwiches

2.  Bruschetta

spice onion jam bruschetta (photo by @theburrellgroupltd)

3.  Pulled pork sandwiches

4.  As a dipping sauce with…Meatballs

5.  Dressing…Thousand Island

6.  Add it to your BBQ sauce

7.  Grilling….Hot dogs

8.   Add it to a Gorgonzola and cream cheese spread

9.  Straight Up with plantain chips on the side

10.  It’s your world…your rules, just enjoy it!


spicy onion jam jars

Try some below, and let us know what you can do with it!

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