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University Michigan Football at MDK

UMich Football season is around the corner! Come watch all televised games at the true Alumni Owned, Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen.  We will be serving up customized grilled cheese sandwich platters (buffalo chicken grilled cheese, Maize and Blue grilled cheese, sliders, and more) for your viewing pleasure. Below is the schedule, see you September 3rd! GO […]

MDK 2013 Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this site so I want to give you an update on what MDK has been up to since the beginning of the year. –  We launched our corporate lunch/catering extension with some of the below companies:      – We participated in several events – Most recent, and […]

Day Two: 9/28

Moving forward, ‘Comfort’ is a dangerous word to me (us)… The past 48 hours have been very humbling for me…because I still don’t know what I got myself into, lol.  I just left a job with decent pay, benefits, awesome snacks ordered every week (when’s the last time you had fruit by the foot…how about […]

Day One: 9/27

( I want to cover a couple things, but keep things short….I got work to do, lol) 1.  Today is the first day of being, self-employed…I hope this does not hurt Obama’s numbers.  Waking up today feels odd, being that I no longer have a cubicle to look forward to sitting in for 10 hours, […]

MDK goes Full Time at Dekalb Market: One Month

Hey Friends and Fam…It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but life has been busy, and I’m still chasing the dream. MDK is finally full-time at the Dekalb Market, here are some photos to check out….Ive met some great people, new co-workers, new customers…all while chasing the dream. You never know who you cross paths […]

MDK- Tee Sneak Peek

Hey Friends and Fam!!! Dekalb Market is opening up very soon April 7th, and MDK is starting off with a bang…below is a final draft of the new MDK tee that will be going on sale very soon. Stay tuned for pre-sale opportunities in the next few days! Let me know what you think! -Grandson

Just a thought…

I’m officially 5 weeks old…and I’ve learned so much. #1 Entrepreneurs take care of each other.  It seems that we are aways meeting new people and learning how our businesses can work together and grow.  I actually see the network-building and getting stronger.  And I think it’s getting stronger because there’s an emotional attachment involved–passion–ev...

Listening to my customers…

Starting this business, I’ve learned many lessons so far and one of the most important is knowing what my customers enjoy the most, and improving my services to meet those expectations. I would go as far to say that it is more important to me to hand out comment cards with every order instead of […]