( I want to cover a couple things, but keep things short….I got work to do, lol)

1.  Today is the first day of being, self-employed…I hope this does not hurt Obama’s numbers.  Waking up today feels odd, being that I no longer have a cubicle to look forward to sitting in for 10 hours, while I think of being somewhere else.
So for today I will plan on what I need to address over the next 5 days.  I have to restock the shop at the Dekalb Market, then plan to take on a couple markets in Manhattan, and begin forecasting sales through December.

2.  I appreciate the love and support on Facebook yesterday.  Its definitely motivating and humbling, because I don’t know how far I would get if I didn’t have friends to cheer me on, support me, and come in on late hours and help me prep huge events.

3.  Several people have asked me “what happened? When did you realize you have to leave your job?”

I’ve always wondered ‘is this what I’m going to do for the rest of my life’….I asked myself this for every job! Lol.  Someone asked me one day ” what would you do for the rest of your life, for Free?”  Looking back, I have always loved bringing people together, hosting gatherings, introducing old friends with new friends….making the world smaller.

When I chose to give MDK a try last year, by working on weekends…it was just a project, an experiment to see how I would do in the food industry.  This year, an opportunity arrived to open MDK full time, 7 days a week at the Dekalb Market.   Looking at numbers and sales history, I realized I can actually run the shop and work full time, just to see how things go….that’s when I fell in love.

Everyday at work, my interest and passion took a new direction. I would think about my business and it began to effect my performance at work.  My job was very supportive of my dream, and it came to a point where I have to be fair to the company and fair to myself.   As a business owner, you can tell who is dedicated and who is not, because it comes at a cost!  I wouldn’t want to have anyone on my team who is no longer interested, right?

What about money? What are you going to do if…?  Can you afford to….?  At this point I cannot focus on the ‘fears’.  I have made a decision to chase my dream, and success is the only option.  I see what I can do when I put 50% of my time into MDK…now I want to see what I can do at 100%.

4.  What’s the goal?
  The goal is to keep momentum….just because the Dekalb Market is closing this month, doesn’t mean I have to pause.  Its time to shift gears, as mentioned above I will be attending several markets in Manhttan and Brooklyn.  By next year I plan to build capital and begin looking for commercial space in Brooklyn, to open up a restaurant….brunch, grilled cheese, and wine will be the main features.

5.  My reading list:
Food and Wine October issue
The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business by Charles Durigg

Ok fam…I’m off to start my day, I’ll be updating this more often, since I have the time now, lol!