Moving forward, ‘Comfort’ is a dangerous word to me (us)…

The past 48 hours have been very humbling for me…because I still don’t know what I got myself into, lol.  I just left a job with decent pay, benefits, awesome snacks ordered every week (when’s the last time you had fruit by the foot…how about two days ago!). 

Now I am completely accountable for myself…yeah its intimidating.  What makes it intimidating, is that since I made the decision to be self employed, I’ve ended up inspiring many people (no pressure, ha).  Friends have reached out to congratulate me and offer support, and that means so much to me because I didn’t expect that type of response.

‘Man, Ron….congrats on the big move, I have somethings I want to do to, but…’

Fam, no ‘buts’…decisions like mine do not come over night.  I started with just picking up a book and learning more about the restaurant industry.  We all are busy, but in those ‘ free times’ we can invest in ourselves…call it a Hobby.  There’s no risk, no fears.  Its all about Baby Steps (What About Bob reference).  Start off by reading blogs, commenting on them…subscribe to magazines, that cost money, so you better read them!  And now you have invested in yourself…in your interests.

Believe me, I don’t have this figured out at all.  So to keep things Real…these are my next steps for today:
1. Reach out to 3 real estate agents that have rent space available in Brooklyn.
2. Confirm my spot at Hester Nights at Eventi Hotel (29th and 6th)
3.  Schedule 2 or 3 Hester Street Fair events for October
4.  Pay my water bill…lol

ACCOUNTABILITY….I just wrote down my To Dos and I shared them with you.  The above are not hard to accomplish…they just get me one step closer to the dream…and if I do not do them, please feel free to check in on me :)

I encourage you to take one step and write 3 things that you are going to do this week (reading, attending events, blogging, etc.)  There’s nothing to lose, other than accepting ‘comfort’…stagnation,which encourages rust…and that is not an option.

It can be lonely chasing the dream…but its more fun with a group of people who are chasing their own as well. If there’s anything I can do to help you move one step closer to the dream please let me know. If I cant help, I know people who can…