Graduation was June 13th… where future entrepreneurs and myself were able to sell our products at the expo, with the graduation ceremony to follow.  The expo was the time for us to show friends, family…the world, what we got!

…And it was a success!

The pre-launch, dinner party from the week before helped a great deal.  I was able to improve on the logistics and incorporate the great *feedback from friends as well.

Friends and Family…Friends and Family…

I cannot be more humbled and confident at the same time!  It’s intimidating to chase a dream, and not know what’s to come.  I believe God puts people in our lives for a reason.  And the ones that show up when you need support the most…keep them a little closer to you– and make sure you are there for them too! ‘Pay it forward’

Special thanks to my Mom and Mimi (Mrs. Dorsey) for flying to NYC for this special event!  Mom, thank you for your shoulder.

Thank you Kedon, Kange, Amber, Melissa, and Pocah for holding me down for both events!

Thanks everyone for supporting me as I begin this adventure.  Not sure where it’s going to take me, but with your support, there’s a lot more to come.

*comment cards are priceless!  It’s important to know your target market, it’s even more important that you know what areas in which to improve.*