Welcome friends and family to Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen.

Who is Mrs. Dorsey?

Mrs. Dorsey is my grandmother.  And to you… she’s any of our loved ones who have been a foundation, a source of nourishment, and love.

In Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen, we will be introducing our line up of unique grilled cheese sandwiches, while adding other comfort foods along the way.

You know when you Love someone or something when all you do is dream about them… When you know you’d rather be somewhere else everyday of your life?

My passion for bringing people together and enjoying food has reached its capacity to keep for myself…and I will love to share these passions with you.

Thank you for visiting the page!  I will be adding more posts along this journey.  Please follow me on Twitter @dorseyskitchen or email me at mrsdorseykitchen@gmail.com.

R. Johnson