I’m officially 5 weeks old…and I’ve learned so much.

#1 Entrepreneurs take care of each other.  It seems that we are aways meeting new people and learning how our businesses can work together and grow.  I actually see the network-building and getting stronger.  And I think it’s getting stronger because there’s an emotional attachment involved–passion–everyone wants to succeed…in my opinion.  I’m sure there will be many moments of disappointments, but I am enjoying the honeymoon stage.

#2 Sacrifice…like giving up my Fridays and Saturdays of hanging out with friends….to doing the exact opposite.  But the support so far has been great, and it motivates me to continue chasing the dream.
(But I do miss my 1st Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum.)

#3 No one is going to love your business more than you.  Period.  So keep it close to your chest.