Starting this business, I’ve learned many lessons so far and one of the most important is knowing what my customers enjoy the most, and improving my services to meet those expectations. I would go as far to say that it is more important to me to hand out comment cards with every order instead of copies of the menu. If customers care enough to leave a comment it means one of two things:

1.) Advice! They gave up their time to fill out the card, so if it is constructive criticism, they want to share advice with me on how to make my business better and maybe they’ll return to see if their comments were taken into consideration.

2.) Praise! If a customer loves the food and service and wants us to know, then it’s great motivation to continue what we are doing right while we work on improving in other areas.

Below is a list of comments that have helped me along the way so far:

“The pineapple is too hot!”

I sear the pineapple before putting it on the Hawaiian sandwich. It seemed like a good idea, but the high sugar content in the pineapple increased the temperature and made it too hot to eat. Lesson learned.

“We want non-pork options!”

The original menu includes the A.B.C with bacon and the Hawaiian with ham. Although I am not a fan of turkey (at all), I had to realize that this is not about me. If I want to make great food for the people and be a successful business, then I have to put my customer first.

So, I came up with Turks and Queso (toasted bread, pepperjack cheese, deli-sliced roasted turkey, and a tomato slice) as a special feature on the menu. I soon found out that it was a respectable third in our most-ordered sandwiches. Pop’s came in first with 55 orders, sweet and savory A.B.C had 24 orders, and the new Turks and Queso had 23 orders.

“The food is great but it took too long.”

Improving our timing is my main priority. I will be focusing on process and taking what I’ve learned from last week and apply it to this upcoming Saturday. We don’t expect this to change over night, but we will try to!

“We want Avocado!”

I hear the calls! I have something in mind, but the focus is nailing this existing menu down first before taking on additional items. But I do have a mean guacamole I would love to add on the menu, in due time.

Thank you again to everyone who came out to Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen at the Dekalb Market last week and cared enough to take the time to leave me feedback. I hope to see you again this weekend and in the coming weeks with new and improved service. I appreciate your patience and support!