I’ve always dreamed of owning a restaurant but never knew how to start one…or even just formulate a logical conception.

I just knew that I liked food and people…

Unfortunately there is more that goes to that…like a business plan, a lot of ‘skin in the game’ (aka money), differential advantage, legal representation, and persistence.

If there’s one or two things that you might know about me…they are:
1.) I like structure and
2.) I like certainty.
I’m entering an industry that has a 70% FAILURE rate. Both of my concerns Do Not exist within any entrepreneur…

Thanks to Workshop In Business Opportunites (www.WIBO.org), I was able to put my thoughts on paper and plan with a business mentality. With WIBO, I realized that ideas and dreams are great. But they don’t mean anything unless you act on them.

I believe that anyone who dreams at day and dreams at night about following a passion…should look into www.WIBO.org. It’s a free non-profit organization, and the 16-week course book cost $200. The Added Value to this program is the support of fellow dreamers, like myself. I had no idea that I was entering more than just a class, but a family. It’s scary chasing a dream, but it becomes an adventure when you have your ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ on the journey with you, and helping each other succeed.